Starting a Career in Real Estate: What You Need to Know

I’m often asked about what it’s like to work in real estate. Here’s what I reply:


Funny jokes aside, there are a lot of aspects to the real estate business and there are different jobs available for every different personality.

For example, I enjoy working with people. Helping others is one of my goals in life, and as a real estate agent I connect with different types of people every day. I get to be my own boss, and I benefit directly from my hard work and determination. These are important factors in what makes me happy to go to work every day.

It would seem I am not alone in this feeling, as Forbes recently named Real Estate Agent as its No. 1 “Happiest Job” choice from 20 different careers!

And a real estate agent isn’t the only option in this career field. The National Association of Realtors has compiled an entire list of real estate-related careers. Investopedia even expands on those careers in its article, “Is Real Estate Broker the Career for You?”

I am truly blessed to work for an amazing real estate company which actually cares if I have career and life fulfillment, and honestly wants to know what it takes to keep me that way.

I would love to share my passion of real estate with YOU! Have you thought about a new career? Are you excited for a new adventure? Join my team! Contact me at 252.474.6469 or visit my website at to get started. 


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