5 Amazing Ways Technology Can Help You Buy or Sell Your Home

What if I told you the secret to selling or buying your next house was already in your possession?

You know – that little device we all love to hate – the one that allows us to play games, connect immediately with friends and family and take pictures of every moment of our every day life?

I’m talking about your cell phone, and it has even more power to help you than you probably thought.


With today’s smartphone technology, your phone is the BEST tool to help you buy or sell your next phone. It’s true! In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, out of the more than 6 BILLION cell phones owned by the world’s citizens, almost 2 billion of those are smart phones!

So what can you do with that trusty device that you couldn’t before? Here are 5 ways to use your smartphone to help you in your real estate endeavors.

1. Mobile Realty Apps: There are many apps available for buyers and sellers alike. For example, the Keller Williams Realty Mobile App provides anytime access to save searches and listings, including notes and adding property photos across all your devices. It is GPS-enabled and features ALL local area homes and commercial properties, not just KW listings.

2. Cool video sites from your phone: In addition to You Tube video walkthroughs, Hyperlapse, a new feature offered by Instagram, is a super neat tool that creates a time-lapse video of your target property or neighborhood. Here’s a snippet:

3. Facebook and Twitter are great ways to reach a wide variety of possible home buyers, but are also a fabulous way to find possible homes, too. Lots of realty pages focus on certain neighborhoods or specific home types. Just type the name of the town or area you are looking to buy or sell in, and you may be surprised at what comes up.

4. Pinterest has reached 100 million users as of September 2015, and to overlook the potential for home selling or buying in this market  would be shortsighted to say the least. I often use Pinterest when marketing my listings, including creating “Dream Home” boards that feature special features of local properties and a special “Home Tours” board with all my listings featured prominently.


5. Virtual home staging: More and more real estate professionals are utilizing this feature, and according to HGTV, simply uploading a picture of your empty room is all you have to do to then virtually “stage” the room, and your home. It can be a much cheaper alternative to furnishing an entire home for selling, and allows empty homes to show better.

I’ve got ALL kinds of tech tips and tricks in my real estate bag. Give me a call or send me a message today to discover how I can put those skills to work for YOU!

Call Kathy Richey at 252.474.6469 or visit http://www.KathyRichey.com for more information.




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